(1st PPP Medical College In India under National Medical Commission Act )
    Supervised under Niti Aayog Approved By National Medical Commission
    Affiliated Teaching Hospital - Bolpur Sub-divisional Hospital
    (An initiative under PPP model with Government of West Bengal)
    Affiliated by West Bengal University Of Health Sciences
    Accredited by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
    & Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal.

  • Endocrinology
    Department of Endocrinology
    About Endocrinology

    The Department of Endocrinology is skilled in integrating the medical knowledge and extensive care to treat ailments resulting from diabetes and other endocrine-related disorders. The team of highly skilled doctors at Naraina Medical College & Research Center provides consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services in the management of thyroid disorders, diabetes, pituitary and disorders of physical growth, adrenal disorders, and disorders of male and female hormones. The department offers a wide range of treatments for endocrine and metabolic diseases along with under or overproduction of the hormones, menopause, lipid disorders, hypertension, short stature (lack of growth), bone diseases and also endocrine cancers.

    The endocrinologists use advanced technology and innovative equipment which add to the long-term commitment of patient care. The team renders comprehensive care and non-invasive diagnostic services to all the patients. The team also focuses on treatment and patient education over matters like obesity management, infertility problems in females and males, osteoporosis and hormone replacement therapies. The Department offers expert consultation, counseling and diagnosing the various problems at an early stage and treating them with great skill and experience.


    We offer various diagnostic endocrine dynamic testing such as:

    • • Anterior pituitary function evaluation by: Growth hormone stimulation tests, Growth hormone suppression test, GnRH stimulation test, ACTH stimulation test
    • • Evaluation of posterior pituitary function by: Water deprivation testing
    • • Evaluation of adrenal disorders by- Dexamethasone suppression test, ACTH stimulation testing, Aldosterone and renin sampling, Saline suppression test
    • • Gonadal function evaluation- HCG stimulation test
    • • Evaluation of hypoglycaemic disorders- Fasting challenge

    We also offer other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for diabetes management such as Flash glucose monitoring device insertion in collaboration with Division of Diabetes, Dept of General Medicine.